Tobias Basson

Managing director

Tobias has a natural integrity – what you see is what you get. He passionate about farming and not afraid to meet life’s roughest lessons head-on. Driven by a higher purpose, the aim of his mission to Uganda for Namakwaland Farms was to place his land cultivation expertise at the service of it’s community.  Tobias believes there is nothing you cant do without a good dose of sincerity,  team-work and sheer determination. He knows how to navigate unpredictable weather and unpredictable economic circumstance –  not as an outsider looking in –  but as an African working to bring about sustainable living. Tobias also learned that you cant apply commercial farming models to an informal market. The continent’s people are different from the West, where material values overshadow the true humanity of the individuals who live there.  Africa operates from a different kind of truth, where imposed economic models have been more destructive than constructive. The continent and its people thrive off of respect-driven approaches to engagement and collaboration. Tobias’s agricultural expertise and instinctive grasp of the African way continue to reward him through the his experience of the way people cultivate both their faith in life – and in the land. He warmly invites those with the same vision to participate, invest and experience the rewards of re-discovering ones humanity.